Roofing of houses with bad roof:

Project ongoing and will be completed in December

Kalkulam Institute of Computer Studies:

Opening of the institute

Medical Care

Donation of Ambulance

GVRAJ Trust is registered under the Indian Trust Registration Act to provide optimum educational opportunities to rural and underprivileged people. Founded in 2011, the trust works essentially along the philosophy that the fate of one’s future depends on one’s education. This underlines the vision of the trust ‘Educating the underprivileged for a better and brighter future.’

GVRAJ Trust has a huge responsibility of educating and training the rural community, and it firmly believes in empowering them through education. Through community level programs like centers for advanced computer studies and self-employment initiatives, it intends to append the rich-poor divide.

The GVRAJ Trust initiatives are streamlined with the following objectives:
1. Educate people to understand prevailing rules, regulations, job and business opportunities, and prepare them to face the challenges in the economical front
2. Educate the people against social evils
3. Establish resources for the underprivileged and physically challenged