The primary objective of the trust is to educate all rural and underprivileged people for a better future. The inception of the trust came about as an effort to educate and empower the rural community and eradicate social injustices that result due to their ignorance. The trust aims to mobilize complete eradication of corruption, especially corruption against the poor and meek and empower the community to understand their rights and liberties. The trust aspires to foster an educated community that is aware of privileges and civil rights and is free from exploitation. Our goal is to enable a sustainable community development through education.


The founder and president, Dr. G.V. Raj was brought up in economic hardships. But a staunch believer in education, he completed his masters in chemistry for which he was rewarded a gold medal from the university. He went on to do research from Madurai Kamaraj University and Indian Institute of Science in diversified fields. After taking research and development activity in an agrochemical company he specialized in research on agrochemical technology development. He has made extensive contribution to Indian agrochemical companies for environment friendly manufacturing technologies. Leading operations from a senior level, he has revolutionized the agrochemical industry in India for 3 decades.

Dr. G.V.Raj is a known crusader against corruption, religious exploitations and ineffective rural administration.


Herbert Raj – After completion of his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering, Herbert worked with HCL before pursuing his management studies from LIBA, Chennai. A good orator, and socially conscious individual he actively adds technical innovations in the trust’s initiatives.

Hepsiba Raj – After completion of her bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Hepsiba worked with Google (I) Pvt Ltd before pursuing her Master’s in Public Relations and working in the Public Relations domain. She actively adds communication strategies to the trust’s initiatives.

Connect With Us

Dr. G.V. Raj: drgvraj@hotmail.com
Herbert Raj: herbert.rajv@gmail.com
Hepsiba Raj: hepsiba.vraj@gmail.com